Cut Through the Noise.

The retirement market is confusing, cluttered with scads of packages and providers.  It has its own nuances and nomenclature.

How do you cut through the noise to determine what you really have… and what you might be missing?

At Portico, we understand how difficult this marketplace can be.  In response, we have created our unique Retirement Plan Diagnostic.  Leveraging over 100 distinct touch points, our proprietary diagnostic report thoroughly dissects your current plan.

  • Do you have quality investments?
  • Is your plan optimally designed?
  • Do you really know how much you are paying?  And for what?
  • Do you know if your participants like the offering?
  • Are you meeting all your fiduciary responsibilities?

Our Retirement Plan Diagnostic answers all of these questions and more.  For an objective, complimentary look at what you currently have, and ways in which it can be improved, give us a call.