Portico Wealth Advisors Approved to Use Dimensional Funds

July 15th, 2011
by Portico Wealth Advisors

Larkspur, CA, July 15th, 2011—Portico Wealth Advisors, a boutique wealth advisory firm in Northern California, announced today that they have been approved to use Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) Mutual Funds.

DFA Funds are the pinnacle of low cost, tax-efficient investment vehicles. A byproduct of the seminal research conducted by professors Eugene Fama and Ken French, Dimensional Funds are dynamically engineered using a rigorous, academic approach. 

Portico principal, David Tarantino, is very pleased to be an approved provider of Dimensional Funds.

“As fiduciaries, we are always looking for ways to bring more value to our clients. DFA Funds allow us to gain unique exposure to a variety of marketplaces at a very low cost. They make a great addition to our stable of options and their reputation for providing industry-leading research is second to none.”

Portico is authorized to begin using the funds for individual investors immediately, although they will be phasing in existing clients subject to tax and other considerations. Portico was already approved to use Dimensional Funds for their retirement plan clients earlier this spring.

Larkspur, California-based Portico Wealth Advisors is a Registered Investment Advisor and a boutique provider of custom wealth management solutions for individuals. Portico also serves as a retirement plan consultant to local and national firms, helping them improve the cost, quality and structure of their plans.

Dimensional Fund Advisors is a provider of low-cost, institutional-grade investment products. Founded in 1981 as an offshoot of the University of Chicago, the firm leverages the research of prominent academics, including Eugene Fama, Ken French, Robert Merton, and others. The firm is currently based in Austin, TX, with additional offices in Santa Monica, Chicago, London, Sydney and Vancouver. As of June 2011, assets managed by Dimensional are in excess of $230B.