Portico Wealth Advisors: Internet Privacy Policy

The use of www.porticowealth.com is subject to the Internet Privacy Policy featured below. Portico Wealth Advisors, LLC has created this policy in order to outline the steps taken to protect visitor privacy. Distinctly, information provided to Portico by clients and prospective clients is subject to the firm’s Client Privacy and Confidentiality Policy (available upon request) and such notices as required by law.

Visitor-Provided Information

Portico Wealth Advisors, LLC allows visitors to provide personal information and request correspondence through this website.  Visitor-provided information may include any of the following:  name, mailing address, e-mail address, phone number, and optional commentary.

Personal information, collected by Portico Wealth Advisors, LLC from visitors to this site is used exclusively for internal purposes. No information collected will be disclosed to any third party, except as required by law or as a remedy for suspected illegal activities.  In such cases, information may be given without either a subpoena or court order.

Auto-Collected Information

Portico Wealth Advisors may collect general visitor information, including IP addresses and pages viewed, automatically. This information is used to administrate the site and for troubleshooting purposes. In addition, Portico monitors the usage of portions of this site to determine visitor interest and to develop potential enhancements. All such information is gathered in aggregate and no data unique to any single visitor is viewed in isolation.

Information auto-collected on this site is used exclusively for internal purposes of Portico Wealth Advisors, LLC and is never made available for commercial purposes to any third party.


Portico Wealth Advisors, LLC attempts to comply with all applicable laws and industry standards pertaining to internet security and personal privacy. However, information provided by visitors is subject to internet inconsistencies and may not be entirely secure while in transit.

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